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What is MTSS (formerly known as RTI)  which Florida Public Schools have been using???

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a term used to describe “an evidence- based model of schooling that uses data-based problem-solving to integrate academic and behavioral instruction and intervention.”*  In this model, a student with academic delays is given one or more interventions. The student's academic progress is monitored frequently to see if those interventions are sufficient to help the student to catch up with his or her peers.  This is a diagram of the MTSS paradigm:


If the student fails to show significantly improved academic skills despite several well-designed and implemented interventions, this failure to “respond to intervention” can be viewed as evidence of an underlying Learning Disability.  Thus, the previously used term “Response to Intervention (RTI)” was developed.  In states outside of Florida, various other terminology was utilized, including, but not limited to:  Positive Behavior Support (PBS), Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement Model (CIM), Lesson Study, and Differentiated Accountability. Hence, the previous paradigm looked like this:

Theoretically, there are several advantages to MTSS (RTI) in the diagnosis of educational disabilities:

Sadly, even the recent report from Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project:  A Multi-tiered Support System stated, “The differences in:

have often resulted in high levels of variability in the implementation of the model at state, district and school levels. These differences serve to potentially limit the impact of this model on both the integrity of implementation and on student growth.”*

How do parents and school personnel put MTSS/RTI into practice?

To implement this model effectively, schools must develop a specialized set of tools and competencies, including a structured format for problem-solving, and knowledge of a range of scientifically-based interventions that address common reasons for school failure.  

At Brighter Pathways, Dr. Messenger uses various methods of assessment to establish a student’s academic and behavioral functioning, and then make recommendations for interventions.  Her suggested exercises, activities, referrals, and reading material can be applied in home and school settings as appropriate interventions which can be implement, evaluated and modified to help struggling students.

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