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Research has shown that students who learn to type at a young age will gain an edge over their non-typing peers in communication skills important in school.  According to the article Keyboarding, Typing, and Computer Skills for Elementary Students by Dr. Veronica McDermott, “using word processing results in fewer grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors.”  In addition, exposure to formal use of a keyboard will familiarize kids with writing skills that they will inevitably use throughout their lives.

The benefits were evident even for students with low abilities.  By being able to “write more freely and willingly when using word processing,” they will become better communicators and will improve their ability to express themselves.  Dr. McDermott also states that “authentic writing with computers is an effective way of learning language mechanics.”


The use of a typing program is an excellent approach in teaching kids how to type.  This office recommends a software program such as Mavis Beacon.  The newest version (Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe 20) includes:

§ Dynamic personal instruction:  Mavis Beacon uses its Adaptive Response Technology which is a proven typing technique.  It guarantees improvement in typing speed and accuracy in 2 weeks.

§ Fun and challenging games:  Numerous games all designed to help improve typing skills.

§ Extensive practice options:   Mavis Beacon’s library offers over 325 different sessions, passages and tests covering a wide variety of topics and subjects.

§ Spanish language mode:  Includes voice-over, instructions and help in Spanish.


Keyboarding, Typing, and Computer Skills for Elementary Students, prepared for Dr. Veronica McDermott by  Victor Montemurro.

Typing Skills