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We even call our evaluation by a unique name

                                                         ~ because it is an extraordinary service.

Dr. Messenger’s Cognitive/Gifted Evaluations include:

Notice:  Leave of Absence Closure

Dr. Messenger will be starting  A Leave of Absence as of Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 for an unspecified time.  Assessments and consultation can be scheduled until then.  The website will remain available for educational purposes, until the office is reopened.

A simple IQ test somewhere by someone who may or may not be child-friendly and have much experience ?


A Cognitive/Gifted Evaluation by Dr. Messenger at Brighter Pathways?

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Intellectual Assessment (or IQ testing) is only one facet of understanding each child’s uniqueness.  See IQ & Success.  Having said that, some parents are interested in understanding more about the various evaluation instruments available.

Standardized IQ Tests

IQ testing provides a "baseline" of ability level. It gives us information as to whether your child is within expectancy for the age.  It will also give a picture of strengths and weaknesses.  If the results place your child in the upper 2% of the population, they can be submitted for Gifted placement in the public school system if your child is registered for Kindergarten at the time of the testing (public school policy). Dr. Messenger's evaluations are appropriate and acceptable for all school systems within the state of Florida and often other states as well, depending on their criteria.   

The most common IQ tests used f at Brighter Pathways are:

Other practitioners, both in public and private settings may use other instruments. These tests are presented as the most valid and reliable ones for this age in Dr. Messenger’s experience.

There are critical differences among the tests.  They vary in factors such as how much emphasis is placed upon speed, numerical reasoning and paper-and-pencil manipulation. Dr. Messenger will determine during the session which test is the best match by administering a number of sample items from each one.  

Just for Fun…

During the parent interpretation time, after your child has completed all assessment, one or more of the Brighter Pathways Therapy Dogs may be brought into the Waiting Room for a visit. This will be done only with the child’s request and the parent(s)’ explicit approval.  Usually, this is a really pleasant time to relax with a K-9 friend, especially for children who are animal-lovers.  It seems to make the time move more quickly for youngsters who may be a bit fatigued from the assessment session.

We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.

                ~ Albert Einstein