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A book we recommend:

Golden Doodles

(aka Gadoodles)

Golden Doodle puppies at 3 months old (2nd litter):

The history of the Golden Doodle begins with a salute to Australian breeders and their creation of the Labradoodle. They saw early on a need for a dog that would cause few problems for allergy-prone people who were in need of an assistance dog. After its successful creation, open-minded breeders in the United States and Canada wanted to combine the wonderful qualities of the Golden Retriever with the fine skills and hypoallergenic qualities of the Poodle. The Golden Doodle is born!

Having become a favorite hybrid dog in America, owners enjoy a perfect combination of a smart, gentle and adorable companion with a virtually shed-free, hypoallergenic coat. Golden Doodles are very people-oriented, with many being trained and utilized for therapy and other service work.  

Since Golden Doodles are hybrid dogs, a breed combining the Golden Retriever and Poodle, they are often thought to exemplify what’s commonly known as “hybrid vigor,” which is a term that refers to the tendency of the first cross of two parent strains to grow better, stronger, healthier, more fertile and more intelligent than either parent breed. So the first-cross hybrid offspring tend to have fewer genetic maladies in common within their gene pools since the parent breeds are unrelated. Thus, Golden Doodles can be very healthy dogs, indeed!

Golden Doodles are frequently used for Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), and may be trained for many other services as well. Therapy dogs are trained to be calm and quiet around people and not to become startled by loud noises. They are excellent for therapy sessions in which a person must be relaxed and tranquil. Golden Doodles make such good candidates for Therapy Dogs because they are by nature loving, good-tempered, and great with children and adults alike.  

Casey, Otis’ “Brother”