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Is there a specific test to diagnose AD/HD?

Unfortunately, there is not one specific proven test to determine who has AD/HD.The disorder is characterized by a specific constellation of symptoms, functional problems and developmental history that follows predictable patterns. However, the diagnosis should not be assigned casually.

Professionals such as Dr. Messenger are qualified in assessing children's development and behavior. At Brighter Pathways, an assessment utilizing data from numerous sources–as well as direct testing with the student–will help ascertain whether an individual does indeed have the disorder.

A thorough evaluation should include a clinical assessment of the individual’s performance in academic, social and social settings, emotional functioning and developmental abilities. Additional tests may include intelligence tests, measures of attention span and parent and teacher rating scales. The assessment may also include interviewing the child’s teacher, parents and/or obtaining rating scales.  

To be diagnosed with AD/HD, the symptoms:

What kind of  work-up should be done to make a diagnosis?

The psycho-educational assessment should be tailored to an individual child's specific problems and strengths. It is not necessary to put children through an assessment mill where everyone always gets the same type and amount of tests. A medical exam by a physician may also be  warranted A physician may look for allergies or nutrition problems like chronic caffeine highs that might make the child seem overly active

Depending on what the child's problem areas are, some things need to be examined more intensely, while other things may not merit much, if any, scrutiny at all. Dr. Messenger is particularly attentive to screening for “look-alike” disorders.  Also, some children have more than one disorder wherein symptoms can overlap.  To learn more, click on LOOK-ALIKE DISORDERS

Where should I go to get a diagnostic evaluation?

Brighter Pathways is the perfect place for such an assessment.  Dr. Messenger is a professional trained and experienced in assessing children's development, emotions and behavior. She makes a particular point to assess for other factors which may be contributing to “symptoms” are similar to AD/HD.

In general, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians/family physicians and neurologists most often are trained in providing an evaluation and diagnosis of mental disorders and rule out other possible reasons for the child’s behavior.



Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

AD/HD Assessment