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Before effective interventions can be implemented, assessment is necessary to determine the child’s current levels of functioning.  This helps to:

Intervention Consultation is a “hybrid” of assessment/intervention, which has become by far and away the most popular service at Brighter Pathways.  First, emphasis is upon obtaining clear data regarding levels of a child’s functioning (see four main areas below). Then, Dr. Messenger and parents do a thorough consultation which addresses specific scores, comparison graphs, referrals and recommendations. Both interventions and solution-focused follow-up will be addressed.  Parents take home all this data in a complete packet which also includes applicable reading material. Similarly, with the Cognitive/Gifted and the Early Childhood evaluations, parents will have a comprehensive presentation of test results and recommendations in addition to a formal, typed report.  .

Testing generally includes these components:

1. Intelligence (IQ) Testing

Establishes a baseline of what a child is capable of doing
Helps rule out low ability
Reveals a general profile of strengths and weaknesses

(See accompanying article, this site: IQ & SUCCESS.)

Most commonly used IQ tests in this office:  

2. Achievement Testing

Explores specific academic areas, usually reading, writing and math
Examines distinct skills, for example sight vocabulary vs. comprehension
Identifies any gap between actual achievement and expected achievement (based on IQ)

3. Process Testing

Assesses the way a child handles information
Is often complex and time-consuming
Usually taps into:

Auditory Input
Visual Input
Oral Expression
Paper and Pencil Skill

4, Other Testing

Rules out that there are not other contributing factors that may mimic or “look-like” Learning Disabilities.  Here is where the child is assessed for ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, SID and so on.

Common instruments here include:



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