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In 2003, the Messenger Institute was established for the sole purpose of completing and publishing The Project.  The biggest expense so far has been commissioning artist Mariagrazia Orlandini.  Other expenses have included materials, equipment, legal consultation and marketing.  Central Florida hurricanes caused a significant setback, but the dream continues to persevere.

If you would like to donate in honor of or in memory of a loved one, checks can be made to “The Messenger Institute,” or you can click below to donate.  If you use the on-line account, when you get to the Paypal site, click on “Special Instructions,” and put in the name of the person to be recognized; if no name is given, the site will simply list anonymous.  

When the Project is finally in the hands of the children everywhere, these names will be included in the final publication.

“Nurturing Our Future”

Donations to the Messenger Institute to Date :

“Best Wishes on Your New Venture,” Anonymous (January 2000)

In Memory of Garry Paul Messenger, Older Brother & “Master Teacher (1951-2004)

In Memory of Berkley, Beloved Pet Companion (1990-2004)

In Memory of Louise Markhoff, Beloved Grandmother (1900-1968)

In Memory of Rodney K. Snell, Adventurous Entrepreneur (1953-2006)

“For Children Everywhere,” Anonymous (July 2009)

In Memory of Dorothy Jean Burns, Beloved Teacher (1942-2009)

In Memory of Mildred “Midge” Ward, Beloved Grandmother. (1924-2009)

In Memory of Douglas Lee, Beloved Educator (1943-2009)

In Memory of Sylvester Mack, Activist/Educator (1944-2009)

In Memory of Riley Messenger, Therapy Dog (1998-2010)

In Memory of Pepper Ward, Therapy Cat, (1993-2012)

In Memory of Glenn H. Messenger, Beloved Father, (1921-2013)

In Memory of Marie M. Messenger, Beloved Mother (1928-2014)

“Congratulations on Realigning Yourself with Your Life’s Work”, Anonymous (April 2015)


Messenger Institute is actively pursuing several grants and fellowships to facilitate publication, as well as looking for a partnership with a non-profit organization.  Some exciting potential collaborations are in discussion.  Also, any person or organization inspired to become a partner in order to bring this project to fruition is encouraged to contact the office.