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What can you say about a dog named Otis? I am just cool. I’m also very alert and have given my owners hours of entertainment by my antics in front of the mirror–or even the chrome of furniture legs.  I’m well-trained, well-behaved and only the slightest bit spoiled.  I love to hang out with my big brother, Casey (another Doodle BTW).

Here I am, all snuggly! I am good friends with my daddy, Copper. There are so many things about me that are special! Still, I guess if I had to pick just one thing, it would be that of all the Doodles, I turned out to be the most like a Golden Retriever but without all that shedding. I love swimming and am an especially good dog-paddler!
Doodle Relatives

I’m one of Valarie’s sisters, from the first litter. I actually turned out to be quite a beauty queen (as you can see!)  I often model the latest fashions and was even featured on the cover of a local magazine! I live in South Florida and enjoy boating as well as being pampered.

The Daddy of both litters.....

The Most Recent Litter (Born January 2009)...

The Original Litter (Born February 2007)...

XHANI (Pronounced “Shaunee”)

Out of the whole litter, I stood out because I was snow white! Talk about good genes!  I was adopted into a family that already had two much older Golden Retrievers. They are so lucky I arrived, because I really keep them on their paws with my wild and wonderful puppy energy! Here I am only a few months old, the first to figure out how to get out of our baby bed.


Don’t you love the taste of salt water on your tongue? Although my family lives in Orlando, we love the beach! Here I am on a recent vacation, where (amazingly!!), I met another Golden Doodle!  We enjoyed rolling and digging in the sand, as well as rumbling and tumbling in the waves. Life is good.


Hi, I'm Cody,and It's GREAT to be a DOODLE!! I picked my Mom & Dad out right away even though they thought they were wanting one of my sisters, but they needed me!!  I came running right up to my Daddy and rolled over into his lap and let him rub my belly! I knew then we’d be a family. I love sports! I know how to dribble a ball, play hockey and I love Frisbee!!  It's really big fun to ride the 4-wheelers with my Mom & Dad on our property. I give the best hugs ever and I make my parents laugh all the time. I sure love my family and they love me!! :o)  By the way, I am so impressed with how my sister Paisley Rae does her hair...I can't do a thing with mine!!!


Well, you can tell I’m named after my mom. I’m from the first litter, too, and I turned out to be the most petite and classic, like the cover of the famous Golden Doodle book.  I enjoy camping with my owners and have been to campsites all over the state!  My favorite time is by the campfire.


Here I am in my younger, more mellow days.  But I’ve always had the distinction of being one of the biggest, most precocious puppies in the litter.  I was the first to learn to crawl and to bark.  Now, I live in Illinois and can’t wait for the days I can rumble and tumble in the snow!