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Dr. Charlene Messenger has been a practicing school psychologist since 1978.  That’s 35+40years of providing psychological and educational services to children, teens, their families, school personnel and SOs (significant others). She currently holds licenses as a school psychologist and a mental therapist from the Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance.

Dr. Messenger obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Florida, Gainesville, in 1984.  She was a classroom teacher (3rd grade!) in Hillsborough County, then worked for 14 years providing psychological services in elementary, secondary
and exceptional education schools in central Florida.  In 1989, she was named "Psychologist of the Year" by the Orange County Association of Counseling and development, and in 1984 received an "Award of Recognition" from the Florida Association of School Psychologists.  

In May 1991, Dr. Messenger began her independent practice in Orlando, Florida, by opening Brighter Pathways, Inc.  Her office specializes in assessment and intervention for children and their families.  Dr. Messenger has continued to expand her practice as an expert consultant to various institutions, including Walt Disney World and the Center for Drug Free Living.  Dr. Messenger taught as an adjunct professor at Valencia Community College and worked as a consultant to the Juvenile Detention Center, including supervision of employees through the Center for Drug-Free Living, in Orlando.

During the 1989-90 school year, Dr. Messenger wrote a series of articles for a local parenting newsletter, "Growing Up in Central Florida".  Originally titled "How to Make Your Child a Winner", the author used the articles as a basis for numerous workshops for a variety of audiences, including PTAs, DYF training, religious associations, and parenting groups for exceptional children (i.e., those with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).  In 1992, the first edition of The Third Little Pig, a book about building resiliency in children, was published.  The information, over the years, has been revised and expanded as the author has grown wiser as both a parent and a professional.  In 1999, Brighter Pathways was awarded a grant through Arnold Palmer Hospital (now Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies).  What a delight that the book was sent home with new moms in their care package including formula samples and newborn diapers!
Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Perhaps just as importantly, Dr. Messenger remembers her own childhood.  She still holds a childlike wonder and awe in her outlook.  (There are those who would argue she never really grew up.) Yet she is also one of those individuals who rose above adversity in childhood to become strong.  It is a firsthand knowledge of childhood pain and resiliency which helps her guide others in their own healing process.

Thanks to a fortunate series of events, motherhood was able to take priority.  She was blessed with almost a year of full-time maternity leave, followed by several years of half-time employment as a school psychologist.  During those early years especially, she experienced both the inspiration and vulnerability of helping to shape a new life.

During  elementary school, Larie helped with the poetry and artwork for her mom’s parenting book; in high school, she created the art for one of mom’s other projects.  In August 2016, Larie graduated with her Ph.D. in Math (!!) from University of Florida (sound familiar?).  She and husband Danny are expecting their first child.  Dr. Messenger will once again be immersed in the joy of having a new baby in the family…and Larie with now get to experience the ups and downs of being a parent.

Drs. Larie Ward & Charlene Messenger, aka “Mom”

Wedding Day:

June 11, 2016

Of all her accomplishments, Dr. Messenger believes the creating of a new life ~ her daughter, Larie*, born October 1985 ~ remains the highlight of her life.

(*rhymes with Marie)

Danny Gray & Larie Ward       Husband and Wife

Math Professors (Dan at University of Georgia, Statesboro; Larie at U.F, Gainesville, on-line)