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Your story is so inspiring and funny! You've seen it all and lived to tell about it!


This true life "story" has many universal aspects that applies to many people with amazing gifts. The gifts are opened as life unfolds through adversity. I hope this writer is able to share her gifts, creativity and humor with children. I love the Newts we could all use this box in these times.


With all "self-help" tools for adults, it is about time for "self-help" tools for kids. Not only has Dr. Messenger experienced the ups and downs of both her private and business lives, she wants only the best for her "kids". Dr. Messenger gives her all to her "kids", but wants them to have the best therapy tool to help achieve everything a child’s deserves.


Oh, yes ...inspiring story ...especially when it resonates so well with what we all have experienced in one form or another. Great lesson to just keep on knowing that good comes from everything! Best of luck!!


Dr. Messenger, Your impact on my family has been a tremendous blessing. If everyone had access to your expertise, this world would be a better place. I'm hoping that a March 2015 entry will reflect your achievement of creating a self-help tool for kids!


Thanks for being honest...and not giving up! Your story was inspiring!


Very inspiring story Dr. Messenger! With your determination and experience in this field I hope that the next chapter will be a success with the development of this self-help tool for children.

Eagle Owl

Thank you for sharing your story. It is encouraging and shows determination to overcome many obstacles. This reminds me of the children's story: "The Little Engine That Could". Good for you! Keep tooting your whistle and moving forward.


I know how hard you've worked to get where you are. Never give up, never give in!


When I think of how many little lives you have changed, it boggles my mind. Because of you, the world is a better place (at least in Orlando!). I'm so glad you're still working on this project after all those barriers. Good luck, Charlene (and I really like your picture).


As an educator and having reviewed a preview of the therapy box, it will be a great way for parents or professionals to initiate creative therapy talks with children.

Another milestone in Dr. M's quest for effective interventions.


Wow! Your resilience is truly inspiring... Your sense of humor through it all kept me smiling while reading your story. Seeing your simplification-of-life in person and the peace you radiate with that make me certain that you will succeed!!!

Best wishes and luck to you!


The story is all of inspiring, useful and funny.

Dr. Messenger has, over the last several years, referred students to me, a private tutor. I am grateful fo her confidence in my ability to help these young people in their quest for excellence, (although they may not realize it yet!)

I look forward to opening the box of therapy.

Dr Messenger's optimism, caring attitude and determination are an inspiration to us all..


The following are unsolicited comments from a posting on an Intuit web site, where I also applied for a grant, March 2009.  Despite the fact that I did not win the grant, it was very encouraging to read these words of support for the Project.

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