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Florida’s Criteria

for Giftedness

GIFTED” in the state of Florida refers to students who show:

1.  Very Superior intellectual level (within the upper 2% of the population, which is 130 or above on most standardized IQ tests);

2.  Highly advanced achievement (possible underachievement?); and

3.  Concomitant characteristics – verbal proficiency, motivation to succeed, keen observation, power of concentration, rate of learning, independence, versatility, and so on.


At the elementary level, Central Florida public schools offer a Resource Gifted Program – a special class one day a week for extra stimulation, and regular class attendance the remainder of the week to maintain contact with peers and keep up school curriculum. At middle and high school, Gifted classes are usually one or two periods a day; students may also be in Advanced classes. Other counties around Florida utilize different models, such as full-time classes or “enrichment” for a part of every day.

Goals of Gifted Education include:

1.  Thinking skills – Developing higher-level cognitive processes, such as making judgments, finding unconventional answers, and producing original responses.

 2.  Self-Actualizing skills – Developing social behaviors, especially emphasizing independence of self and responsibility to others.

3.  Independent learning skills – Developing personal competencies for attainment of goals, such as: searching, organizing, and communicating.


1.  Share an interest in reading – read to your child and discuss books you read together. Take advantage of the local library.

2.  Encourage originality – help your child make crafts, projects, and creative toys.  

3.  Encourage questions and problem-solving – help your child find information and answers from various sources and try out unique solutions.

4.  Encourage a variety of experiences – have mealtime discussions, family trips (to the museum, community gardens, etc.), and family projects. Encourage individual hobbies.

5.  Foster good work habits – help your child organize and complete work.

6.  Allow some free time to just reflect and appreciate the outside world.

7.  Enjoy the child in your child. Make childhood a pleasant experience to remember!

 8. If you believe your child may be eligible for the Gifted program in the state of Florida, call for information about Gifted Evaluations at Brighter Pathways. Because Florida criteria are so strict, the good news is that students who are eligible for Gifted services in Florida are usually eligible when transferring to other states. The reverse is rarely true.