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Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

At the conclusion of every Intervention Consultation, parents will receive a comprehensive review of all findings and implications as well as written plan that addresses their child’s unique needs at home and/or school.  In the majority of cases, this is more than enough information to help them understand their child and implement any new suggested strategies.  Similarly, for the Cognitive/Gifted and the Early Childhood evaluations, parents will have a comprehensive presentation of test results and recommendations. These evaluations also included a formal, typed report which may be shared with other professions as parents desire.

However, recognizing the uniqueness of each child and family, there are times when some additional follow-up is needed.  Sometimes, this may include referrals to other professionals who specialize in exactly what is needed based on the assessment findings.  Referrals include vision specialists, occupational therapists, neurologists, learning specialists, speech/language therapists, child advocates, and other specialists.  Occasionally, referral may be made to an appropriate psychotherapist or a child/teen psychiatrist for more intensive mental-health intervention, based on the individual’s developmental level and presenting issue.

Referrals to outside professionals are carefully considered so that they are specific to individual needs.  You will be referred only if outside follow-up is deemed necessary, but it is not possible to predict the course of therapy which may be prescribed by the other professional.

Although she has many years experience with both traditional and play therapy for all age children/teens and their families, Dr. Messenger herself no longer practices long-term counseling.  If follow-up is recommended at the Brighter Pathways office, you can be assured that it will be brief and solution-focused.

Using the brief, solution-focused model, focus is on what clients want to achieve during the session(s) rather than on historical problems that made them seek help.  In other words, the past is mainly helpful in understanding old patterns and what has not worked.  

Such solution-focused follow-up usually takes one of the following forms:

  1. Behavior Management ~ the entire family attends a 2-hour session, with different “turns” for parent consultation, establishing the rules for discipline, determining positive and negative consequences, and–most importantly, role playing!  Dr. Messenger is excellent at acting as both a tantruming toddler or a sullen adolescent.
  2. Brief Psychotherapy ~ Typically, Dr. Messenger presents, teaches, and helps practice new skills and coping strategies.  The approach varies considerably depending on the child and the needed change, but emphasis is always upon coping skills and improvement that is reinforced and modeled outside of the counseling office.
  3. Updated Assessment ~ After receiving such clear data and recommended approaches, many parents want an updated assessment to monitor their child’s progress based on the given remediation.  For example, if a student has been working on receptive language, updated assessment may address processing areas of oral comprehension and auditory memory.  Updated assessment, including the parent consultation, is usually 2 hours or less.

The new skills and coping strategies you and your child will learn, practice, and implement represent a new beginning.  The result is change for the better!

"If you do not change direction,

you may end up where you are heading."  

                                 ~ Lao-Tzu

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

You're on your own, and you know what you know.

And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.

                                                              ~ Dr. Seuss

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
                                                         - Winston Churchill