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The Full Psycho-Educational Evaluation at Brighter Pathways is very comprehensive.  It consists of two separate testing sessions, an extensive report with numerous recommendations, a report-review session for parents, and a final follow-up consultation, usually including the student.  Which tests are administered and the length, complexity, and cost of the assessment and report varies depending on the student's grade level and reason for referral.

For example, a 2nd-grader being tested for possible reading disabilities/dyslexia will require considerably less assessment than a college-bound student seeking accommodations for the SAT, ACT or a specific college.  The latter cases have extremely complex criteria, which can usually be viewed at the relevant web site (such as

Having said that, Full Evaluations generally follow this pattern.  At the first session, parent(s) and student are invited into Dr. Messenger's office for introductions, practice and establishing rapport.  The purpose of the testing will also be addressed.  For elementary school children, it is usually sufficient for parents to explain that they are having "a check-up" of their school skills.  Older students, of course, are usually already more aware of why there is a need for assessment.

After that, Dr. Messenger spends some time interviewing the parent(s) for any additional information that may not be available in the submitted paperwork.  Parents are encouraged to bring any previous testing, report cards, or other information that would be relevant.

Once the testing starts, adults usually take the opportunity to run errands or relax and get a cup of coffee.  Certainly, adults are welcome to stay in the waiting room as well.  At least one break is taken during the testing (depending on the child's needs), and we offer healthy snacks as well as bottled water and juice.  If a child would prefer something else during break time, please feel free to bring a snack.  The second testing session is done either on a separate day or at least after lunch, so the student has time to unwind.

As far as consultation, the third session with Dr. Messenger is for parents only.  The time will be spent reviewing and explaining the report and the results in detail, including observations, standardized scores, strengths and weaknesses and recommendations. We have found that once parents take the report home, they may come up with a few additional questions. Thus, the final consultation session is usually scheduled about a week later.

For the final, fourth session, parents are invited to bring the student as well.  The first portion of the consultation is with parents only to review any questions and make additional recommendations.  Then, the student joins the session, and Dr. Messenger explains the findings in a way that is helpful and appropriate for the student's developmental level.  It is our philosophy at Brighter Pathways that explaining results to children helps them understand their learning style and motivates them to cooperate with remediation plans.

All Full Evaluation reports include data regarding background information, observations, IQ testing, academic skills, and process testing.  Most reports will include other data as well, such as screening for attention span problems or mood issues (anxiety or depression).  For college-bound students, an additional analysis of the data termed "Functional Limitations" is required.  All reports are confidential, so a copy of the report will be sent to the student's school or physician only with written consent from parents.

Psycho-educational Evaluation