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Home schooling is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons.  At the end of each school year, it is required that the student’s achievement levels be evaluated to demonstrate academic progress.

Such an assessment can take many forms, ranging from work portfolios to formal evaluations showing Standard Scores, Grade Levels (down to the month) and Age Equivalencies.  Dr. Messenger has done a number of Home School Evaluations over the years.  The critical question to ask yourself is:  What is my goal?  If you simply want to meet minimum requirements, very basic assessment would likely be sufficient.  For more complex feedback, you will want more complex instruments.

For example, in the area of reading, the most simplistic test would be simply reading a word list by sight or phonics.  A higher level would involve reading comprehension to determine if a student can interpret and extrapolate information.  An even higher level of reading assessment would include fluency – if exorbitant amounts of time are needed to read a word list accurately or understand a paragraph, then this affects educational functioning, both in school and the real world.

Although a number of instruments are available, Dr. Messenger usually prefers the Woodcock-Johnson III (Revised Edition, Normative Update) as it offers much flexibility in choice of tests and how they can be grouped, or clustered, for different types of interpretations.

Because fees vary depending on the student’s age and the amount of detailed information parents want, it is best to check with your county, home-school consultant or state requirement materials to determine which level of service you prefer for your child/teen.
Notice:  Leave of Absence Closure
Dr. Messenger will be starting  A Leave of Absence as of Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 for an unspecified time.  Assessments and consultation can be scheduled until then.  The website will remain available for educational purposes, until the office is reopened.