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Is My Child Gifted?


Although signs of Giftedness overlap with other issues and personality traits, here are some things to look for in The Gifted Child:

· Displays excellent vocabulary

· Enjoys discovery & constantly questions

· Enjoys reading & starts early

· Has excellent memory & concentration

· Notices small changes in environment

· Knows when things are fair or unfair

· Enthusiastic & intense about interests

· Likes to make collections of things

· Shows interest in world news events

· Has long-term recall of information

· Enjoys challenging activities

· Demonstrates “different” behavior style

· Can be overly sensitive at times

· Seeks perfection in self and others

· Uninhibited in expressing opinions

· Becomes bored by routine & repetition

· Always ready to expand and explore

· Interested in the “why’s” and “how’s” of things

· Shows concern for community problems

· Tends to get absorbed by a specific interest

· Especially sensitive to others’ feelings

· Enjoys manipulation of mechanical things

· Carries out complex instructions with ease

· Creates own intricate learning projects

· Is extremely independent

· Clever at solving problems

· Is bigger than average (physically)

· Tends to be a leader of peers

· Has a radiant sense of humor

· Needs a variety of choices

· Values truth and fairness

· Is rather curious

· Makes up own learning activities

· Demonstrates vast creativity

· Asks complex questions

· Has an astute imagination

· Has high ideals

· Likes challenging games and puzzles

· Is extremely focused

· Makes up songs or stories

· Sets high goals

· Learns new skills with ease

· Shows attention to detail

· Is stronger than average (physically)

· Tends to be critical of many things

The sooner parents can identify a child’s potential talent, the sooner they can take advantage of special resources such as enrichment classes and alternative schooling. Recognizing a child’s Giftedness at an early age also can help parents and teachers adapt their ways of relating to the child to be more responsive to particular needs.  Please feel free to call the office or click here for more information about GIFTED EVALUATIONS at Brighter Pathways.