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Larie’s Art

“An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.” — George Santayana

My daughter, Larie, did interpretations of my self-help ideas when she was in High School. Her primary medium was pastels, after sketching out her ideas. I never instructed her, just gave her the words. Within a few days–sometimes a few hours–she would emerge from her room, handing me her interpretation. It was a magical time, sharing this special level of communication with her.

Larie graduated from UF with her doctorate in Math (using the other side of her brain!) in August 2016.  CONGRATULATIONS, DR. WARD!  Also, to my new son-in-law, CONGRATULATIONS, DR. GRAY!!  Not only did you guys accomplish your Ph.D.s, you found each other.  Way to go!  

I always find Larie’s art to be inspiring and somewhat mysterious.  I am using it here to present what I consider to be main psychological themes with self-help ideas.  

For Adults

I have deliberately made this section targeted for adults because of its complex vocabulary, more abstract quotes and somewhat metaphysical subject matter.

Certainly, children are welcome to explore this section, but it was deliberately written at a higher-level of reading skill than I use when writing for (or talking to) children.  My hope is that parents and other caregivers will pick up bits of wisdom and incorporate them into their own lives, and in this way touch the lives of children through both education and modeling.

As is appropriate, I notate the source of information for a particular research study or specific reference.  However, for the most part, the knowledge I am sharing is from many, many years working with children and their families–preparing for sessions, watching what works and what doesn’t, keeping abreast of new approaches, and working on my own development.

Each concept is meant to be the basis for deeper mediation.  I recommend the reader ponder the art and text of each concept for one week.  Use that time to integrate the ideas into your own perspective and to apply the activities to your own life.  I KNOW! This is the opposite of current media processing which is immediate, often impulsive. It is not consistent with the frequent practice of moving quickly from web page to web page.  

“The only thing that stays the same is Change” (Melissa Ethridge).  Your life is constantly changing–you grow older with more life experiences, the world reconfigures itself, and people around you go on with their lives.  I am urging you to actively  participate in that change.  Go deeper into yourself so that you help shape with your life changes will look like.


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