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Office Rules

At Brighter Pathways, we try to follow our own philosophy (always a smart move, no?).  Therefore, developing and implementing LIMITS is just as important at our office as it is at home or at school.  Whether you establish your limits through a Behavior Management session or through the chapter titled “Limits” in Dr. Messenger’s book, Secrets of the Third Little Pig,  rules must be explicit, clearly explained, and mindfully enforced.

Our office has two sets of rules–one for younger children and one for older.  (Usually, children are allowed to choose which age category they think fits them best.)  During your initial orientation in the waiting room, Carolyn will review the rules and explain/show both the consequence of breaking a rule and the motivator for following the rules.  Parents are involved throughout the process, with particular emphasis on the child/teen “accidentally on purpose” overhearing Carolyn’s direct feedback to parents with specific labels (i.e., “patient…cooperative … studious…helpful”) or behavioral descriptors (i.e., “put all the toys away before getting out something new…..kept very quiet while I was on the phone”).

We DO...

We DON'T...

Obey Grown-ups


Show Respect to Others


Play  with Toys, Puzzles, and Games

Throw Things

Read Books

Yell or Shout

Color, Draw, and Make Pictures

Fight or Argue

Play Quietly - Use Our Indoor Voice


Put Things Back Where We Found Them Before We Play with Something Else

Use the "Magic Words" (Please and Thank You)

Ask for a Snack or Something to Drink.  See rule right above.

Ask Permission to Leave the Room

Office Rules for Younger Kids
If You Obey ALL the Rules,
You will Earn a Take-Home Treat

Chill Out and Enjoy!

Read a Book

Draw Something


Work on a Puzzle


Build Something


Ask for a Snack or Something to Drink


Show Respect

Be Patient

Ask to Leave the Room

Office Rules for Older Kids
If you follow the rules will earn a reward