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1237 E. Livingston Street, Suite B

Orlando, FL 32803-5401

Ph: 407-895-0540 ~ Fax: (407) 228-9771

Licenses:  SS00305 ~ MH02676 ~ PCE-9


It’s easy to get your own copy of Secrets of the Third Little Pig.

1.  In Person:  Call us up (407-895-0540), arrange for a time and come to the office to pick up a book.  The cost is only $10.

2.  On the Phone:  Call the office, give us your information, and we’ll mail you a book.  The cost is $15 (extra to cover shipping)

NOTE:  All clients who make an appointment to see Dr. Messenger receive a copy of Secrets of the Third Little Pig free as part of their first session.