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I was born April 2004 ~ and rescued during Hurricane Charlie!  Here I am being a MOM. This was the second day of my second litter. I had 8 puppies each time. (As all you mothers can attest, there is a reason it is called “labor!”)  Notice my good friend and birthing partner, Penelope the Purple Elephant, in the background.  Her kiddie pool made a wonderful whelping and nursing bed. I love all my babies (see Doodle Relatives), and am so proud that three of my daughters stayed with me and were also trained as Therapy Dogs.  Although I am the oldest of the group, most people think I’m the youngest because I love to run, play and jump. I KNOW I’m Dr. M.’s favorite!
I will always be considered “the baby” because I’m the most petite and the most adorable.  I was in Lacy’s second litter, born January 2009.  My disposition is sweet and mellow, and my favorite thing in the whole world is BELLY RUBS!!  I love running with my sisters and playing tug-of-war. My main accomplishment in life is that I have totally mastered the art of looking charming and precious and just a little bit pathetic to elicit that human response I so enjoy hearing, “Ahhhh.  LOOK at that!”  I KNOW I’m Dr. M.’s favorite!
Our Therapy Dogs
Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937
Don’t you just love it when people dress up their dogs like people?  (Big Sigh….)  My name’s Valarie because I was born right before Valentine’s Day in February 2007.  My name also includes Larie ~ my human big sister ~ who selected me as the pick of the litter!  I am very precocious and beautiful, if not quite as conscientious and conforming as the rest of the troop.  I KNOW I’m Dr. M.’s favorite!
Since moving to the Livingston Street office, the Brighter Pathways’ Therapy Dogs have been much more involved in the practice.  Dr. Messenger and her four (hypoallergenic) Golden Doodles have had special training called AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy).  They all have special personalized vests that show off their certification patches …. Well, all but Dr. Messenger, who does have the training, but not a vest.

With parental consent, one or more Therapy Dogs may be invited into the waiting room. Although  they used to participate more actively in sessions, these days it’s usually their job just to visit with kids. Therapy Dog visits are typically reserved for the end of an Intervention Consultation or Evaluation, when the child may be restless yet time is still needed for the final parent consultation to review results and recommendations.

While the Therapy Dogs usually stay in the “employees only” section of the office, Miss Carolyn will bring in whichever Therapy Dog is most appropriate for the child’s age and temperament for a client visit. Please note:  Our dogs are used to being treated kindly, and they give much affection in return.  Any dog who feels uncomfortable due to a child’s behavior will not be forced to stay.  

Riley ~ First Brighter Pathways’ Therapy Dog     Modeling Vest with Certification Patches

Our current crew of Therapy Dogs consists of four family members: Lacy, the mom, and her three daughters:  Valarie, Kelsey and Ginger.

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Hi, hi!  I’m Kelsey’s “twin sister.”  Both of us were born in January 2009.  I was the first puppy to travel as a Therapy Dog on an airline.  So, although this picture is a bit dated, I love it!  It reminds me of being tucked in the rolling back pack with my favorite stuffed toy, Brutus (see him there?). During my puppy hood, I had special training in being a Comfort Dog for helping those with grief and trauma issues.  I am very visually alert and actually enjoy watching TV or just looking out the window.  My favorite hobby, though, is just being sweet and adorable……and Kelsey is not the only one who loves belly rubs, BTW.  I KNOW I’m Dr. M.’s favorite!


(Or Golden Doodles)


How can you not love a face like this?