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On a shelf, by the window, stand neat little pots.

There are violets, ferns, and orchids with spots.

There’s my desk from way back, just a bit scarred,

With scratches from children who’ve worked really hard.

Outside, the old oak turns dark green to orange-brown.

In the blue fountain, clear water flows down,

And a woodpecker splashes his flaming-red crown.

Here’s where I work, and I love my room’s view.

This side of the desk makes me see things anew!

I think back to a time when support was required:

The wheelchair, the meds, the helper I hired.

Yes, yes, the accident—it was a freak!

In the blink of an eye, my future turned bleak.

Tromping volcanoes near pools of hot steam,

Such wonder! Such mystery! This hike is a dream. . .

A misstep, a nightmare, the pain makes me scream!

Doctors, nurses, sad smiles and strong pills,

ER, insurance, and don’t forget bills!

One doctor declared, “That foot has to go!”

Thank God, one doc vowed, “Oh, no, no, no, no!”

The pain, the treatment, a chair with big wheels,

Handicapped, injured:  let’s hope that wound heels.

That time was so bleak, so sad, and so black,

I start to unravel when I start to look back.

Rehab, then crutches, and pain like a knife.

Yet slowly I healed and went on with my life.

I know others’ stories have much sadder ends,

And for them I say prayers and hope the heart mends.

These days, my foot does not bring me despair,

So it’s good to sit back, take in some fresh air.

Here on the kids’ side, I like what I see.

These moments add up—in this place just to BE.

The Other Side

Of the Desk