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The Three Little Pigs . . .

It  is one of the world’s most beloved fairy tales.  And it contains a simple yet powerful message.  The third little pig triumphs over the big bad wolf ~ through confidence, resourcefulness and courage.  But how can we apply these lessons to helping children in today’s world?

Dr. Messenger outlines the “secrets” of the third little pig for all caregivers: Parents, grandparents, educators, and others.  She shows adults how to help children develop inner strength and resilience ~ the ability to handle challenges of an increasingly difficult world.  The book features helpful tips and real-life anecdotes that have an immediate impact.  

Perhaps the greatest reviews come from parents who tell her:  “I’ve always loved my kid, but with your book, it’s the first time in years I’ve really liked him.”  And “It’s the only parenting book my husband would actually read.”  It has even been compared to TV:  It can be turned on (opened up) randomly, and something of interest will show up.  It entertains and advises yet has plenty of commercials (cartoons and children’s drawings).

Perhaps the most dubious distinction, remarked on by a number of people, is that Secrets of the Third Little Pig makes great bathroom reading material. But who cares!  If that’s where busy people have a few extra minutes to read, what counts is that they use the information to enhance children’s lives.

Third Pig Book

Secrets of the

3rd Little Pig

And what does the real third little pig have to say about it?
HAM it up!  Give each PIGGY 3 SQUEALS a day!  Go on a PIGnic!  Never HOG the conversation!  Hear between the OINKS.  The STY’S the limit!  Start each day with HOGS and kisses!  It doesn’t hurt to PIG OUT once in a while, but don’t be a HOG!  Life is just a bowl of SLOP–Enjoy it!  Where there's a SWILL, there’s a way!  Those who are PIG-HEADED and BOARISH end up alone in the MUD!  Keep your SNOUT out of other people’s business!  Don’t SQUEAL on your friends!  If you’ve made your bed, then WALLOW in it! OINK, snort and be merry!  Always keep a little something in the PIGGY BANK!    You reap what you SOW.  One person’s STY is another person’s bedroom.  Daily MUD BATHS are the secret of eternal youth.  Take time to stop and smell the TRUFFLES.  Think PIG and you will go far!