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It is fairly astonishing the number of parents who have invested time and money to consult with a professional only to leave with a report full of data but no clear understanding of what all the numbers mean, and more importantly, what all the implications are in order to make improvements.

Dr. Messenger is willing to review previous reports and, using a Standard Scores chart, explain another examiner’s report and findings.  It must be clear to all, however, that such interpretation is based solely on the presented data, as Dr. Messenger herself will not be doing the assessment.

Are you wondering….  What’s a t-score?  How can “50” be Average?  What the difference between a Raw Score, a Scaled Score and a Standard Score?  What the heck are PRs and NCEs?  What’s an SEM and why is it important?  What’s SID… ESE… PPD… CBA?  And why the heck did I spend all this money for testing, and am more confused than ever?   

Usually, Dr. Messenger can answer all your questions (even the ones you didn’t know to ask) in a one-hour consultation session.

PLEASE NOTE:  We’ll do our best to answer all questions.
There are some questions, however, that simply remain a mystery . . . .
Notice:  Leave of Absence Closure
Dr. Messenger will be starting  A Leave of Absence as of Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 for an unspecified time.  Assessments and consultation can be scheduled until then.  The website will remain available for educational purposes, until the office is reopened.

“Standard Scores” Chart Based on the Bell Curve