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Here is a SAMPLE card by Mariagrazia Orlandini. It comes from the ANIMAL suit, which teaches children about animals’ intelligence.

For decades, human intelligence has been classified into seven main categories: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, personal knowledge and social awareness. In my project, the Animal Suit takes the unique approach of applying the wisdom and abilities of familiar animals to a child’s life. Each card in the Animal Suit represents a specific type of animal intelligence to which children can relate. This card, Imagine, teaches how magic and illusion can be helpful attributes to thrive in the world.

Notice that the card has Self-Help Symbols in the upper right-hand corner. Each symbol relates directly to specific, empowering, enriching and/or therapeutic exercises which will be in the accompanying guidebook. In fact, the “Breathe” symbol (far right) is already on this site, representing some Mini Stress-Busters to help children handle anxiety.

Notice, too, that the card has other features, such as a Game Design in the upper left-hand corner, self-talk synonyms and cautions. All of these will be further developed in the guidebook of the Project, of course.

The Cards


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