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Licenses:  SS00305 ~ MH02676 ~ PCE-9

Areas Assessed Asperger's Revisited SPD: Sensory Processing Dysfunction Highly Sensitive Children
Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937
Dr. Messenger’s philosophy is to do only what is necessary and beneficial for every individual and family at each step of the way . The Brighter Pathways’ approach is to be solution-focused, whether you visit the office for consultation, assessment, and/or follow-up sessions.  Every service is individualized to meet the client’s specific needs and situation.
NOTE:  No insurance is accepted directly at the office.  Parents will be given a “super-bill” after their sessions which is basically a comprehensive receipt carrying all the necessary information, licenses and diagnostic codes required on insurance claims.  Parents are encouraged to submit this printed receipt for personal reimbursement.  If needed for authorization, Dr. Messenger's licenses are:  MH002576 and SS00305.

Areas Assessed include:

To obtain the optimal information for each individualized case, the amount of focus given each area listed above is determined by reason for referral, parental interview and examiner judgement.

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Specific diagnoses are determined as each of these areas are addressed. Because parents sometimes worry that their child may have a certain disorder based on what they have heard or read, Dr. Messenger’s assessments give clear data with precise explanations and interventions. Definitive diagnoses will be provided through consultation with the DSM-5 ~ the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.