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Brighter Pathways, P.O. Box 372217, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Typical Assessment Timeframe

When you are visiting Brighter Pathways for the first time – whether for an Intervention Consultation, a Gifted/Cognitive Evaluation, or an Early Childhood Evaluation – you can expect to be here for a total of 3 to 3½ hours. Please understand that there are numerous variables that can affect the total time needed, including the child’s motivation and activity level, amount of background information to be covered, review of previous records, and characteristics of selected test instruments.  Consequently, session times will vary, although we endeavor with great effort to stay on schedule.

The most helpful things you can do to keep sessions on time and running smoothly include the following:

It is usually helpful for the child or teen to know ahead of time that the appointment is for an entire morning or entire afternoon, although s/he will not be in session all of that time. (A bottle of water and a snack such as crackers or a granola bar will be available, or you may bring your own.)

Using “Kid-speak,” Dr. Messenger refers to the different aspects of session as “turns.” The time that each different turn typically takes is as follows:

Orientation: (¼ hour)  Dr. Messenger reviews all the paperwork you have brought with you (YES!  Don’t forget this!) in her office.  Ms. Carolyn welcomes everyone and reviews the office rules in the Waiting Room.

Rapport & Practice: (¼ hour)  Parents and child/teen meet together with Dr. Messenger in her office to get comfortable, talk about what will be happening, and usually do a few “practice” items.


Parent Interview:  (¼ hour)  In order to finish up intake interview started on phone, parents meet privately with Dr. Messenger. This is an information-gathering time only, with an opportunity for Dr. Messenger to ask follow-up questions about anything from the completed information sheets. (Note:  The longer the Parental Interview, the less time Dr. M. will have to spend individually on the critical facets of assessment and parent consultation.  Please have all paperwork complete, and your concerns clearly defined.)

Evaluation: (1½ hours)  Individualized assessment will be completed with child or teen.  Parents usually leave the waiting room to get a break, catch a cup of coffee, or visit nearby stores.

Results Preparation:  (¼ hour) During this time, tests are scored and double-checked, computer printouts and graphs are assembled, and reading materials are gathered by Dr. Messenger in preparation for your consultation.

Parent Consultation: (¾  hour)  Dr. Messenger will review and interpret observations and test results with parent(s), and will give recommended interventions and accommodations, potential referrals, and appropriate reading material.

Check Out: (¼ hour) In the Waiting Room, final copies are made as needed, the receipt with codes is given, and the treat boxes come out for those who have followed the rules.

TOTAL:   3  Hours for Cognitive-Gifted

              3½ Hours for Early Childhood or Intervention Consultation