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P.O. Box 372217

Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Licenses:  SS00305 ~ MH02676 ~ PCE-9


Workshop Topics:


· Interpreting Psychological Reports          

· Giftedness

· Learning Disabilities


· Motivational and Organizational Skills

· Children’s Developmental Stages

· Parenting Skills

· Communication Skills

· Instilling Higher Values

· Developing Responsibility

· Risk Factors and Protective Factors

· Resilience in Children

· Anger Control

· Attachment and Bonding

· Setting Limits

· Praise vs. Encouragement

Notice:  Leave of Absence Closure

Dr. Messenger will be starting  A Leave of Absence as of Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 for an unspecified time.  Assessments and consultation can be scheduled until then.  The website will remain available for educational purposes, until the office is reopened.

Dr. Messenger has presented at numerous local, national and international organizations, including local private and public schools.  If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please call the office at (407) 895-0540.  

Following is a list of popular seminar topics, but Dr. Messenger is always willing to accommodate individual organizations’ needs.